Getting a Jumpstart on a Healthy Future

ID-100145902If they could talk, my groaning bookshelves would tell you that I adore cookbooks. Not only do I enjoy testing new dishes, I love poring over the glossy photos and narrative in these weighty volumes.

My cookbook collection began long ago with two favorites — the Fun to Cook Book, a booklet published by Carnation Company, and Betty Crocker’s New Boys and Girls Cookbook.

As when I learned to read, I felt like a whole new world opened as I paged through these books as a preteen. I devoured newbie tips on cooking techniques and experimented with recipes ranging from (ahem!) a luncheon meat ham loaf baked with pineapple to crunchy sugar cookies with lemon zest.

Obviously these were not my healthiest efforts, but the root of my cookbook obsession is plain to see. Plus, I remember how exciting it can be to concoct your own food when you’re a kid.

Experts remind us that kids are more likely to gobble up foods they prepare themselves – an important point to remember when you’re guiding them to make nutritious choices.

Good eating habits are key to a healthy future. So dig up some new recipes and invite your budding chefs into the kitchen!

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