Meatballs & Memories

Last summer I read an intriguing article, Friday Night Meatballs: How to Change Your Life with Pasta.

ID-10035462-Luigi DiamantiThe author, Sarah Gray, whose article appeared on Serious Eats, wrote about the life-changing effects of hosting a weekly pasta night in their Philadelphia rowhouse, welcoming an ever-changing mix of friends, family, clients and anyone else craving company and a good meal.

Guests arrive each Friday evening, bearing kids, salad greens and bottles of wine.

“The room feels changed somehow, smaller and brighter and warmer,” she wrote. In the end, it became a comforting refuge, where friends refueled with food and companionship.

I love to read about the transformative effects of food—not just about how it makes you healthier, but how the experience makes you whole.

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