A Great Escape

A few weeks ago we took a cruise vacation, one of the most relaxing getaways. As we cruised to our destination, all of my stress seemed to be carried away in the ship’s wake.

ImageResearch has shown that vacations serve an important purpose in maintaining our health, although they are often undervalued in our overworked society. Vacations help us recharge our batteries and take a step back from the stresses of life—if we don’t overexert ourselves. Although it may seem that the benefits evaporate within a day or two on re-entry to the real world, studies demonstrate long-term advantages.

In addition to enjoying the ship amenities, we also loved sampling new dishes in the restaurants. Cruise lines offer a variety of delicious menu options for people with many dietary needs. Although we splurged a bit on vacation treats, I tried to balance those choices with luscious fresh fruit plates and egg white omelets every morning at breakfast and huge salads at lunch.

One evening for dinner I particularly enjoyed a cup of watermelon gazpacho during my soup course. I loved this refreshing dish so much that I’m on the hunt for a recipe. Here are two variations I’m considering from Eating Well and  Good Housekeeping.

Stay tuned for my rating!

2 responses to “A Great Escape”

  1. So glad you had a great cruise experience, Diane. Both recipes sound delightfully refreshing for this hot summer. Let me know which one wins!

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