Mix It Up

One of the keys to savoring healthy food is to keep mixing up your repertoire with fresh new dishes, so tonight we’re having Turkey Thighs Osso Buco-Style, from the Good Housekeeping Web site. In this recipe, turkey thighs simmer slowly with carrots, celery, red wine and tomatoes, along with a variety of seasonings.  Because I only have turkey drumsticks, however, that’s what I’ll use for this dish. To keep it heart healthy, I’ll strip away visible fat and the skin from the drumsticks.

This is a variation of traditional osso buco, which literally means “bone with a hole” in Italian, that consists of veal shanks braised in tomatoes and vegetables. My mom shared a similar recipe with me a few years ago that uses turkey drumsticks, and it seems like the perfect meal for a chilly evening.

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