Tools That Work

One of my most indispensable tools for preparing heart-healthy foods isn’t found in the kitchen section of my favorite department store (although I love to browse the gadgets!). I actually picked up my favorite tool at the local stationery store: an inexpensive, low-tech three-ring binder.
But this isn’t your typical notebook. It contains a treasury of heart-healthy but delicious recipes that I’ve collected from the internet, magazines, newspapers, friends and family over the last several years. When a recipe earns a thumbs-up from my family, I add comments and suggestions to the clipping and slide it into a page protector in my binder. As an added convenience, I can remove the page from the binder and refer to it while cooking, and  the easy-to-wipe sleeve protects it from splashes and spatters.

To help with meal planning, I store loose-leaf paper at the front of the binder, where I jot down my menus for the week. The first column of each page lists the week’s recipes and where I can find them (either in the binder or a specific cookbook); the second column lists ingredients I need to make the dish, and I transfer these items to my grocery list.

Using this simple inexpensive tool, it’s easy to find my family’s favorite recipes.

5 responses to “Tools That Work”

  1. I like this idea. I am always clipping recipes from the paper and magazines and then never want to sort through them to actually try them out. This binder idea is a good one and will help me to go through and take a second look at all my recipe clippings and keep the ones I want to try out in the binder.

  2. […] I recently discovered a nifty weekday meal-planning tool in Real Simple magazine, allowing me to jot down our meals for the week, together with the ingredients needed to prepare those meals. I simply printed out the downloadable sheets here, filled them in, and, using a three-hole punch, added them to my recipe binder. […]

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