Seasonal Favorite

Digging deeper into the flavors of summer, yesterday we enjoyed Scampi Primavera on our back porch as we savored the June breezes. Since Ronzoni published this recipe in a coupon circular years ago, it has been an irresistible family favorite.

However, this dish differs from pasta primavera recipes that feature pasta and vegetables laden with a cream-based sauce.

This healthier version swirls together thin spaghetti or linguine with shrimp and colorful match-stick-sized slices of zucchini, red bell pepper and carrots sauteed in olive oil with minced garlic and lemon peel. Snipped fresh parsley and basil and the other ingredients enhance the flavors of the fresh vegetables rather than smothering them.

When I prepare this recipe, I substitute chicken broth for half the olive oil to reduce fat and calories.

The recipe is very versatile. When I don’t have shrimp, I simply add more vegetables. If available, I sometimes add sliced summer squash.

Scampi Primavera is a tried-and-true winner, celebrating the best of the season.

4 responses to “Seasonal Favorite”

  1. I love prim primavera! In the summer when everything is fresh I like to reduce the amount of pasta and increase the veggies.

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