Valentine’s Treat

As I’ve written before, chocolate in any form is one of the best parts of Valentine’s Day.

feb 14 2013 049-cookies and teaThis Cooking Light recipe for Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies came in handy this year for Christmas and Valentine’s Day, delivering morsels of gooey dark and semisweet chocolate in a chewy, caramel-y cookie.

This cookie has become a favorite, but when I made them I swapped out some of the chocolate chips for the same amount of chopped walnuts. For the best results, follow the directions carefully and be sure not to overbake the cookies. If they become too crisp after storage, pop a small piece of bread into the tin to restore their chewiness.

These cookies are perfect with a cup of coffee or tea after dinner with your Valentine.

4 responses to “Valentine’s Treat”

  1. Yummy to anything chocolate! Diane, do you like biscotti? I have this wonderful recipe that I have shared with several friends. I have made these for so many people – and they all love them. They use oil instead of butter. The dough is easy to handle and the biscotti are delicious. I make anisette biscotti and cranberry/walnut/orange biscotti as well. I’ll be glad to share the recipe if you’d like it. I store them in a tin in the fridge and they stay fresh and crunchy for several weeks. One of the things everyone seems to love about them is that I add gourmet sugar (not the sanding sugar) from the Amish market to the tops of the biscotti by brushing them first with egg white.

    I’m glad to see La Dolce Vita back in action!

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