La Famiglia

It seems like not long ago I was blogging about our frigid winter, and now we have the flip side—a blistering summer. But I’m not complaining—at least not very much.

Summer brings so many wonderful gifts that it’s hard to protest its few downsides. And one of our most enduring gifts of summer is the annual Donofrio family reunion.

This year many family members braved intermittent downpours to celebrate our 51st family reunion at a local park. Uncles and aunts, first cousins, second cousins, and friends ate, talked, laughed, and shared old stories and new.

And, as is tradition, the day was capped off with a dessert buffet as family members shared some of their favorite recipes. Many relatives lingered long after nightfall.

In our rapidly changing world, it’s comforting to have this constant in our lives. This time-honored gathering is good for the heart and soul.

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